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Experienced Worker Route FAQS

Chimney Skills Training is at the forefront of  providing training for those involved in the specialist sectors of the Chimney Occupations and the occupational roles of installer and chimney sweeps, including inspection, service and maintenance. The industry's current qualifications include NVQ Level 2 in Installing Chimney Flues and Solid Fuel Appliances, NVQ Level 2 in Sweeping, Servicing and Inspecting Flues and Appliances. The Level 3 NVQ is also available in Inspecting and Designing Chimneys and Dry Solid Fuel Appliances. 

Chimney Skills Training is a CITB Approved Training Organisations and works in partnership across the Industry to provide formal qualification and trade status to its trades.      

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You’re probably taking a deep breath and thinking what? Another qualification that we have to do.

 But in fact, the new Chimney Occupation’s NVQs are qualification's designed for people that have been working in the trade for several years but do not possess a formal trade qualification such as plumbers, electrician and bricklayers do.

What is the experienced worker route (OSAT)?

The experienced workers route allows you to map what you’ve already done and know to the existing qualification standards and therefore shortens the process to recognised trade status. We base the qualification on the National Occupational Standards of trade competence for both chimney sweeps and solid fuel installers.

What it is not!

IIt is not training course. It is certainly NOT a one-size-fits-all.


What it is?

It is an assessment of your performance based on your existing experience and knowledge that you have gained throughout your working life. Each candidate is given their own unique assessment plan, and it is from this baseline that your assessor works out what you have missing from your experience and will tell you what you need to do to fill any gaps. The less gaps you have, the shorter time it will be until you complete the qualification. Your assessment plan is based like any other qualification on the OFQUAL approved criteria and standards in the current NVQ Level 2 or 3 for installation or sweeping service and maintenance qualifications.

But I’ve never done a qualification before?

You may say I’ve got no technical certificates at all. I’ve not done any qualifications. I’ve got loads of experience but how am I going to prove this? The knowledge and skills that you have will be examined by the assessor through professional discussion, any existing registrations that you may have with organisations like HETAS, OFTEC, GMCS, APICS, NACS etc will be considered. Your assessor will also consider such things as training and qualifications for health and safety, and any other industry trade qualifications that you may have that can help prove that you’ve got the knowledge, skills, and experience to meet the NVQ criteria.

You must however have current experience across the full range of the criteria for the relevant NVQ sweeping or installing and this especially includes inspection, installation, service and maintenance and testing SF and Biomass installations. You will find more information by looking on the Chimney Skills Training Website or speak to Chris or Phil we are more than happy to advise you.

How long does it take?

You may be asking yourself how long this is going to take me to complete? While the ultimate time for the L2 NVQ on the experienced learners’ route should be 12 months, but we expect most learners to be able to finish this within six months. Some have been even beknown to finish it in two months. After you’ve completed this part, the L2 NVQ you can go on to enrol on the NVQ Level 3.

So how is it delivered?

As we said earlier, you don’t have to attend a centre. It’s not a training course although courses will be offered online and in training centres.

The course assessment is based on the work that you carry out on an everyday basis on the job. You will communicate with your assessor through online meetings, emails to telephone conversations and on-site visits. This will enable your assessor to gain and gather evidence of your level of competence. Once sufficient evidence is gathered to mee the NVQ criteria the assessor will then upload your portfolio on to the CITB online system for verification and the NVQ qualification awarded.

What do I do next?

Simply speak to Phil, or Chris or register above .  It will take you a minute to fill in and then we will do the rest, contact you and tell you what you need to do next.

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