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We work with the major industry stakeholders, providing exceptional consulting services that are catered specifically to the needs of the industry as it moves forward to meet its future . Take a look below at the services we offer and get in touch to achieve immediate results.


In response to the call for lower emissions, and the need for a carbon neutral domestic heat source Chimney Skills Training Ltd in partnership with the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) and your trade associations have developed the NVQ in Chimney Occupations complimented with several short duration courses (SDCs) to assist you meeting the industry's  future challenges. The CITB assured SDCs provide the successful candidate with the framework to build upon their existing portfolio of knowledge and skills.  The seminars, workshops, and assessments are designed and delivered to meet the specific workplace activities, and areas of trade expertise which will enhance your future performance and business development. 

The content of each course is delivered in such a way it can immediately be applied in practice to your day to day working life and activities.  

Upon completion of the chosen course, and assessment you will be formally accredited by CITB confirming you have been trained to the highest standard, proven to have the theoretical understanding, and the necessary work ready skills to undertake complex trade tasks.  The candidates’ achievements will be listed in the Construction Training Register in the chosen area of study and training.

As a CITB Accredited Training Organisation it is Chimney Skills Training’s obligation, and responsibility to ensure that all training venues, materials, tutors, and assessors meet the stringent standards required to deliver CITB assured courses as listed in the Construction Training Directory. You can rest assured your training will be of the highest quality

Defect and Fault Recognition (click).

The focus of the course is on inspection, evidence gathering and the compiling of reports. This will differ depending on the requirements of each job but establishes a framework across the range of work you undertake.

Sweeps on this course should own and use a chimney camera and be conversant with how to manipulate it to look at different chimney systems. You should also be able to perform type 1 and 2 smoke tests and recognise defects highlighted by these tests. A good knowledge of ADJ, installation best practice and general construction methods will be an advantage. 

Domestic Smoke Nuisance including Inspection, Fault-Finding, and Pressure Testing (Click).


This course is intended for those who are involved in the solid fuel industry to help lessen the environmental impact of emissions or those who undertake smoke nuisance investigations related to the use of biomass and solid fuels as a domestic heat source.  It introduces the candidate to the more complex theory behind fuels, combustion, appliances, and chimneys. After course completion the candidate will have a thorough understanding of the concepts and scientific principles and how the variables governing combustion, appliances, and chimneys interact within the wider environment. This knowledge and increased understanding can then be applied to real life situations of system design, and the more common, and complex faults you encounter on a day-to-day basis. The application of the scientific knowledge, and principles of fuels, combustion, chimney, and flues will assist the candidate to explain the observations made in the real world allowing the remedying of the issues around smoke nuisance and emissions.

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