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 Why Choose a NVQ QUALIFIED  Sweep? 

Sweeps who hold the NVQ in chimney sweeping are proven to have the knowledge, experience and skill sets required to promote the safe and efficient use of solid fuel and wood fuels as a domestic heat source. The NVQ qualified sweep will encourage the responsible use of solid and wood fuels through the distribution of public information materials and bespoke advice given to the homeowner to gain the best from their chosen type of home heating. 

All solid fuel, wood burning stoves and open fires require regular sweeping, service and maintenance to ensure the household is kept both warm and safe. The NVQ QUALIFIED sweep can offer a menu based sweep, service and maintenance structure which will cover fire safety, Building Regulation Compliance, performance and environmental impact. 

The following pamphlet outlines the various levels of service a NVQ QUALIFIED sweep can provide and is freely available for you to download. 

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