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As a trades person you have a legal responsibility and duty of care to your employees, clients, and customers to ensure their health, safety, and welfare (HSW).
The primary Health and Safety regulation in the UK is the Health &Safety at Work Act which defines your legal responsibility as both an employer and employee.
The four main objectives of the HSW Act are:
  • Ensuring the health and safety of employees at your business.
  • Ensuring the welfare of employees.
  • Protecting individuals within your area of work and surroundings —whether staff, customers, visitors, or the general public.
  • Establishing control measures to store, work with, or dispose of explosive/flammable/dangerous substances.

As part of the NVQ in Chimney Occupations there are four common Health and Safety themes and safety practices you are expected to be knowledgeable and have in place as a competent trade’s person.
  • When staff are working at a height.
  • Exposure, storing and disposing of hazardous substances and chemicals safely and securely.
  • Dealing with infectious diseases or other illnesses such as coronavirus.
  • Emergency procedures in the event of a fire or  accident.
The following assessments are designed to both assist your learning and will form part of the assessment criteria of your NVQ.
Please use the other resources provided by Chimney Skills Training Ltd to assist you in successfully completing this part of the NVQ. The NVQ preparation quizzes are available at his link 
Please contact Chris , Phil or your assessor  if you need further assistance.   
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